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Antiques and Collectibles from Land n Sea. is dedicated to seeking and saving those things that otherwise would have been lost evermore.We hope that many of you share our passion and quest. We appreciate your business, and any feed back that could bring us closer to a sunken bit of bounty. Even if but a lowly piece of driftwood, if in fact it comes with a verifiable source about which wreck it  happened to come from.

Of course, that is a swashbuckling stretch to say the least. Nonetheless,we would certainly investigate the possibilities should one come a floating upon your shore. We would appreciate your contacting us even if just to say "Aye, Aye, Matees; I'll be a seeing ya on yon shore one day when me ship comes in."

Meanwhile, LandtiQuaSeas .com will continue the search, and offer you collectibles from the New World as well.

Such new world things as Nascar Collectibles, Autographs, and Die Cast, from top drivers,.. and even a few who are  not so much on top deck.

Other than Nascar Collectibles we pretty much will stick to bringing you selections from the Old World treasure-troves that we are able to locate, salvage, or save from the drink.

Some things are desirable to those who want to save a bit of history just because they are old enough to be antiques, classic, or barely worth saving from days of yore.

So have a look around the harbor Matees, should something cause a twinkle in your eye we'll be laden sweet memories, while bringing yesterdays treasures from forgotten voyages of the seven seas onto today's awaiting shore.


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As we are in the process of working to locate lost treasures of both land and sea, please help us help you. Safely use  the  (contact us) option for all you wants or needs. After all, we are not only Nautical Treasure Hunters, but in fact consider ourselves, "PROFESSIONAL NOS PICKERS" (specializing in nostalgic dust busting)   Feel free to contact us with any  questions, shipping prices, finders fees, or other contract picking cost and estimation concerns.( No obligation or contract needed to place a locating request, we can always use our own finds)   We value your business, and will go to most any lengths to reach an agreeable solution to any problem that would blockade the satisfaction of our valued patrons. Thank you for sailing onto our shores, we look forward to sharing our catch with you. Fare sailing to you, hope to see you around these waters again soon.

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We at vow to leave no leaf unturned, no marsh un-dredged, or cave un-crawled.   Contact Us and let us know what artifact you have any knowledge about as to where it last lay, and let us know what lengths you are willing to go to find it, and we will forward you a contingent free legal contract explicitly devised for you, or your attorney to examine and agree to...And LandtiQuaSeas will span the Globe..till the booty es found.